Olga Mitrenina

Митренина Ольга Владимировна [На русском]

St. Petersburg State University, Department of Mathematical Linguistics

Olga Mitrenina (Митренина Ольга Владимировна)

Ph.D., Associate Professor
Expert of the Russian Academy of Science (ID 2016-01-1551-5914)

E-mail: mitrenina at gmail.com

Research Interests

Natural language processing, artificial neural networks, mathematical models of language, machine translation, syntax, generative grammar.

Selected Publications

Mitrenina O. Artificial Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing. Journal of applied linguistics and lexicography, (in print). (in Russian)

Mitrenina O. Python for Non-Programmers. Journal of applied linguistics and lexicography, 1 (1), 2019. pp. 127–135. (in Russian)

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The Corpora of Old and Middle Russian Texts as an Advanced Tool for Exploring an Extinguished Language. In: Scrinium. Journal of Patrology, Critical Hagiography, and Ecclesiastical History, 10, 2014.

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Basil Lourié, Olga Mitrenina. Semantics of Poetical Tropes: Non-Fregeanity and Paraconsistent Logic. In: Opera linguistica et logica in honorem Barbarae Partee a discipulis amicisque Rossicis oblata. М.: «Языки славянской культуры», 2015.

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Mitrenina, Olga. The Syntax of Pseudo-Correlative Constructions with the Pronoun kotoryj ('which') in Middle Russian // Slovene. International Journal of Slavic Studies, 2012.

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Science Popular

Mitrenina O. Mathematics and Language Model. In: Mathematics, September 1-st, No. 9, 2016. (in Russian)

Mitrenina O. Colourless Green Ideas Live and Win In: Russian Journal, February 16, 2007. (in Russian)